Thursday, 31 July 2014

Liebster Award 2014

Recently I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. To be completely honest I have never heard about this award but I was super happy when I got nominated for it. Thank you very much Matilda, Natasha and Desiree Law. If you never heard of the Liebster Award I will give you the official rules.

1# You need to link back to the blogger(s) that have nominated you
2# Post 11 facts about yourself
3# Answer 11 questions created by the blogger who nominated you
4# You must nominate 11 bloggers that has less than 200 followers and give them 11 questions
5# Unfortunately, you are not allowed to nominate the blogger who has nominated you
6# Let your fellow bloggers know they have been nominated on Twitter

11 Facts About Me

1# I really want to adopt a pug
2# I own a lot of eyeshadows but I tend not to wear them
3# I am Brazilian but I have been living in the UK for 4 years
4# I can speak Portuguese and English fluently and I have learned French for 4 years
5# To be precise my favourite colour is serene
6# I live with my dad not my mom
7# I am a shopaholic
8# I can eat chocolate for the whole if I could
9# I am a perfectionist at school but only there not at home
10# My friends seem to think I have OCD because at school I align everything in my table throughout my lessons
11#I absolutely hate mushrooms, I just think they are disgusting because of their smell, taste and texture

Questions I Have Been Given

1# What is your desert island makeup product?
After a long night thinking of what that would be, I came to the conclusion that it would be concealer. I am not very confident with my skin because unfortunately I don't have the best skin in the world so that would be my makeup bag staple in general.
2# What YouTubers do you watch?
I watch quiet a few YouTubers but the ones I watch most often are Zoella, Tanya Burr, Tyler Oakley, Jim Chapman and others but that would be a huge list.
3# One bizarre fact about yourself.
I have a very dysfunctional head sometimes- this allows me to wear hotter clothes for summer and at bit cooler clothes for winter. Is that just me? Please let me know in the comments.
4# Describe your blog!
Beauty. Fashion.Lifestyle.Fun- is in the slogan.
5# What is your dream buy?
My dream buy is a Marc Kors bag- I am love them but they are fairly expensive.
6# What is one off your wardrobe staples?
 Comfy shoes mostly flats and pumps because they are so easy to use and style.
7# What book/magazine are you reading at the moment?
I am a bit behind but oh well- the book I am currently reading and loving is the Fault in our Stars by John Green.
8# Your favourite scent?
That is the hardest question I have come across but I would say it need to be lemon & lime scents or jelly bean scents.
9# Favourite brand of clothing?
New Look and H&M are my favourite at the moment.
10# Favourite brand of makeup?
Drugstore wise is Rimmel but High end is definitely Channel
11# What is your aspirations in life- or something you really want to do?
My aspiration is to go to university to do architecture and interior design- I know it is not related to beauty or fashion but is the way I like to express myself and I really enjoy it.

Here are my 11 Questions I Pose for My Nominees
1# What is your most inspiring quote?
2# What are your essentials for summer?
3# What is your most laborious beauty regime?
4# What is your favourite lipstick?
5# Do you read your follower's blogs?
6# Who is your favourite beauty/fashion blogger?
7# What products are currently in your wishlist?
8# Describe yourself in 5 words!
9# Why did you start a blog?
10# What is one of your talents?
11# What is a piece of advise you would like to share?

I will nominate....

Thank you to everyone who nominated me to do this. I hope you enjoy this post. Sorry if you have done this already. See you guys next time.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Get Ready with Me: Playlist

I was really struggling to find something to do for this week's blog post. However, I came with this idea of making a 'Get Ready w/ Me' playlist that I have been really enjoying at the moment. There is this band in particular that I have been listening to for ages called Casual Attire.
The band is situated in Newbury, I have met the members of the band before as we used to go to the same school (just to let you know because I thought it was a cool fact). Also, I feel like their content is just amazing and you can see that they are truly passionate for what they have been doing. Now...let's get into the main purpose of this blog post.

As I can't talk much about music, I have made a playlist on my YouTube channel, which would make it easier for everybody to access. I have added all the songs that I have been listening to from the band.

I do listen to other artists but at the moment they are my favorite and with only this 4 songs I am able to get ready, and if you want to check them out, I will leave their links below so you can find then and contact them if you prefer.

Casual Attire
Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - iTunes - SoundCloud

If you are located in Newbury or any other parts of the UK and you are interested, they might have live shows coming soon.You can find any details and information in their Facebook page.

Thank you guys for reading. I hope you go and check them out and give them some extra love! Goodbye, see you next time.

What do you guys think of Casual Attire?  Leave me comments below telling me your opinions.

*I have asked permission for the use of videos and images.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tag- 20 Things About Me

I know this post might not be the most exciting but I thought you guys should get to know me a bit more...well...I mean a lot more because I don't exactly talk about my personal life or just about myself. Also, this post is something that I always wanted to do but I had other ideas but they didn't work as well as I would like but it's okay because I can always have another try and it gave me a chance of finally putting this together! Let's jump right into it. Otherwise I won't stop blabbing. 
1#What is your middle name? 
I have 2 (Eduarda  Bandeira)
2#What are your favourite subjects at school? 
Graphics and Chemistry
3#What is your favourite drink? 
I am slightly addicted to the McDonald's Mocha Frappe (I blame my friends) but I also really enjoy the Costa's Iced Tea.
4#What is your favourite song at the moment? 
I have been listening to 5 Seconds of Summer- She Looks so Perfect. This has now become my jam.
5#What is your favourite food? 
My favourite food is sushi. Despite all my friends thinking I am a total weirdo because I basically like "raw fish".
6#What is the last thing you bought? 
The last thing I purchased was some wet wipes from the Yes to Grapefruit range. They are amazing for removing makeup, brightening the skin and they are extremely affordable. 
7#Favourite book(s) of all time? is really hard for me because I don't ready a lot but if I had to chose it would definitely be Shadow by Michael Morpurgo and Wonder by R.J Palacio. There are great and very touching books.
8#Favourite Colour? 
Blue, not much to say really.
9#Favourite Perfume? 
Marc Jacobs Daisy because it you didn't know daisies are my favourite flowers.
10#Do you speak any other language? 
I speak 2 fluent languages, which are Portuguese (Brazil is my home country) and English (I live in the UK). However, I have been doing French lessons for 5 years now.
11#How many siblings do you have? 
I have 3 siblings. I am an in between child, not the oldest but not the youngest. 
12#What are your favourite shops? 
I love me some New Look I get most of my clothes and shoes from there. It is like my second home. But I also really like Boots and Superdrug. Just a little note, my taste changes quite often so I don't have a fixed favourite shop. 
13#When was the last time you cried? 
Probably 5 minutes ago (of laughter from YouTube videos that's for sure).
14#Favourite Blogs?
My favourite blogs are Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup. They are just so good and I ready them every time I get a chance to.
15#Favourite Movie?
10 Things I hate About You and We're the Millers. They are both great movies and you have some great laughs and if I am right I have watched them around 3 times each.
16#Favourite TV show?
I have a mixture now. I have been watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians because it is my guilty pleasure. Also I have been watching 2 Broke Girls and Devious Maids. All of them are great. But now it makes me sound like I have nothing to do with my life, which is probably true! 
17#How tall are you?
I am 5 ft 4. If you want to be precise that is 165 cm.
18#Can you cook?
NO. If I was left alone to cook I would probably burn the house and explode things. But I'm going to start working on it. Promise.
19# Who is your favourite movie actor/actress?
Jennifer Lawrence and Joe Manganiello.
20#Where would you like to visit that you haven't been yet?
I have never been to Greece but I want to go to Mykonos (an island in Greece).
Thanks guys for reading my blog I seriously appreciate it. If there are any other tags you would like me to do please leave me a comment below telling me what you would like me to do and I will make your dreams come true. Also, don't forget to share, like and comment. Goodbye, see you next time.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

L'Oreal Duo Nail Varnish- Review

Hello guys. I hope you have been having fun during this amazing time of the year. Anyways, recently I have partnered with a company called 'Toluna'. But don't worry if you haven't heard it from before I will leave the links for their social medias below so you can go and check it out. As they are situated in France they have kindly sent me some nail varnish from L'Oreal, for me to test it out. So here it is the review of the product.

This is the L'Oreal Color Riche Duo Manicure kit. Meaning is a kit to create French manicure but with a range of different colours not just the standard white and a base coat. This can be a little bit more out of people's comfort zones. The shades I have are 009 in 'Frosted Pearl' and 624 in 'Blue Lagoon'. They are amazing summery shades to wear at the moment and this specific shades are great to enhance your natural tan colour, without the use of a fake tanner. 

They also have an awesome lasting power in which that is what we look for really in a nail varnish and it is also a buildable product which with three layers at least you will have your desired shade. However, one thing i was really worried about was the applicator brush because in one of them (Blue Lagoon) had an angled tip. I really don't know, why I was so worried,but I can tell you now that the tip was a life saver for me because you can have control over the lines being made and that is very important when it comes to French nails. Also, if you were wondering the other nail varnish has a standard tip. The nail varnish has a good finish with a nice amount of gloss with tiny shimmers to make it stand out a but more.

Again I am not sure if you can get this in a variety of different colours but I will check and link everything below. I also think that they have a very affordable price range, which anyway can buy so expand their nail polish collection. They are not out in the UK as a kit but I think you can get them on Amazon and Ebay.

Thanks for reading and please go and check the company's social medias it would mean a lot to me and to them for sure. I hope you enjoyed this and see you next time, with a brand new post for you guys. Goodbye.

Facebook: Toluna
Website: Toluna
Twitter: @Toluna

Product Links
Nail varnish kit: Amazon & Ebay

*The links for the product are not the exact the same shade. However, it is the same set but different colours.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer Essential Check List

Hello guys. Hope you all have had an amazing week. Sorry, I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like to but I have been busy with school work and exams. But I have some good news, I recently finished them, which means I have more time to write blog posts and upload them more frequently. As we all know summer is coming up which made me think that I can share with you guys some of my favourite summer essentials that I find out to be really useful during this hot, hot season.

1# Water /or any other beverages you may prefer
Yes I know this is a very stereotypical tip but it is true. You need to stay hydrated during summer otherwise it will lead to dehydration meaning you wouldn't be able to fully appreciate you holidays. Also water helps to improve your skin complexion as it moisturizes, keeps it fresh and smooth and I gets rid of wrinkles and loads more of good stuff. Go and get your water bottle out.

2#Fresh Air
Fresh air is very similar to 'water' in a way that has lots of benefits for you mind and body. Going out for just 10 minutes or even less can make someone instantly much happier. Fresh air also has the benefit of giving you more energy and helps to sharpen your mind and I can tell you you will be saving your money because I far as I know you won't be needing to pay for anything.

3# BB Creams
I will tell you that would not be a regular post if I didn't mention at least one beauty related product. I feel like for summer you don't need as much coverage as you may need during any other season and I know I am not that person that would spend at least 1 hour doing my make up. In summer we want everything to be lightweight and quick. The one product I would recommend would need to be the Garnier BB Cream for Normal Skin. This is the best BB cream I have ever tried, it moisturizes you skin without being greasy or oily at all and I gives you a really good coverage with only one layer but it is definitely a buildable product.

4# Body Moisturizers
Being able to show of your soft and great skin is one of the best things about summer. Having the best moisturizer during summer is just like having a high SPF sun-screen. Also, having the skin of your dreams will definitely boost up your confidence. I can guarantee that! Again the one I would suggest is the Garnier (again because I can't get enough of it) Intensive 7 days Body Lotion in mango and honey. This is the best moisturizer i have ever tried. This gives you that smooth finish with a great essence and and a fast absorbing power and you don't need to keep pilling it on every single day because I know, no one ever do that.

5# Lip Balms/Tinted Lip Balm
Cracked lips? No, make the change of having the best lips during summer because if you do have a boyfriend or partner you will for sure be kissing a lot and I don't think chopped lips are the way to go.  The best lip balms and tinted lip balms are difficult to find  especially when you are very picky on what you like. just like me. But good and affordable lip balms/tinted lip balms are the best in the drugstore. I like using the Baby Lips- lip balms in Hydrate and Baby Lips-Tinted lip balm in Cherry Me. You should probably try it if you haven't yet.

6# Heat-less Hairstyles
Non-heat hairstyles are the best way of keeping your hair looking good without damaging it because during summer you are already receiving to much heat from the Sun. don't want to add more on top of it. Wave Creating Sprays and Salt Sprays are a good way of making your hair look AMAZING without putting on to much effort or time. I think the L'Oreal Studio Line offers a good choice of hair products to great amazing looks. Also the VO5 Line and the Tresemme Lines are great.

7# Whiter Teeth
Having good white teeth during summer is the best. Lots of photos and videos will be taken so you want to look good, not just in your body shape. There isn't much to say on this section but that is definitely an essential if you are the kind of person that enjoys having that nice white smile because I certainly love that. There are millions of products in the market right now for whitening teeth but one I seemed to enjoy is the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep serum, which you put on at night and wake up in the morning with a fresh new smile. But different people like different products so share them with me below.

That is it guys. I hope you have enjoyed knowing what are my summer essentials because these types of posts and videos during this time of the year are the best due to the reason that is the time I get to try new products without being so worried about the results I might get after. Please follow this blog if you want to see more posts similar to that or completely different you chose. Recently I created a Facebook page which allow you guys to maintain contacted with me at all times and find out when I post on my blog but I will leave all the links for my social medias below. Thanks for reading and again I hoped you enjoyed this. Goodbye and until next time.

YouTube- Maria Gurtinski
Facebook- Maria Gurtinski
Instagram- gurtm002
Twitter- mariagurtinski
Pinterest- mariagurtinski
Bloglovin- mariagurtinski7

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Style Snippet 30.05.14- Newbury Edition

So... As I was in town I decided to do a 'Style Snippet' for this month because I thought my outfit looked alright. But you are going to see it soon so keep reading this blog post. This will all be based around the area I live in. However, if you guys enjoy this please comment below if you would like me to do this more often. After all the this introduction let's get into the main part of this post!

I am wearing:
Blouse- Matalan, Trousers- New Look, 
Jacket- New Look, Shoes- H&M, Bag- Topshop

So I kept my outfit really simple today, as I was going to be meeting my friend so catch up on some news and gossip about our boring lives. Also I knew we were going to walk quite a bit so I decided to wear something comfortable and casual, which would enable me to do anything I wanted. While my makeup was also very simple and casual. For my eyes I had done a brown smokey eye with my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade on and on bronze and in the inner corners I have added a sparkly champagne colour, to make more day time appropriate. For my lips I was using the MUA lipstick in Shade 16 and a H&M lipgloss on top of it.

On my nails I used an Avon Nailwear pro+ in the shade Serene. Fun fact- that was my first ever nail polish I have ever bought for myself and that was 2 years ago. But I love it to death and it has a lot of sentimental values for me now, so I cannot get rid of it.

Overall guys, there isn't much to say on this blog post as it is more about what I was wearing on that day. Again if you want me to do this more often please comment and/or share this post so I will know who wants to see more of them. Have a great week and see you next time.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Top 3 Tips for Prom

Hello guys. Hope you all have had an amazing Easter full of happiness and chocolates, not only you but your entire family as well! As Prom days are reaching, I have decided to do a blog post on 'Top 3 Tips for Prom', which I know there isn't many of these around blogs. Also I know it is hard to make everything perfect, but oh well we are human beings and sometimes we just can't help it! So let's get started on the main purpose of this blog post.

1# You should feel comfortable

You should purchase a dress that you feel comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Try to go for things that you like instead of things your friends are telling you about. Sometimes it is better to stick to our own instincts because you are the only one who knows your true style. 

2# Less is more

Remember 'less is more', so go subtle with your make up and jewelry. Proms are normally during spring and summer so try following the trends accordingly to your style. Make up wise I can only recommend to go for neutral shades, as you can be glamorous but sometimes you can get an edgy look with it. If your dress have a lot of sparkle, try going for plain accessories, to match but not distract from the dress itself. 

3# Stay true to yourself

One of the best tips I can ever give you is just to be yourself. There is nothing worse than pretending being someone you're not. It doesn't matter how you show it either on the dance floor through your sick dance moves or on how you look (make up, dress etc) just leave your worries behind and have fun with your friends because that is what Prom is all about!

So that is it guys. Just some tips to have a perfect Prom and if you follow these steps you will achieve the night of your life! If you would like me to do more blog posts on a Prom Edition, please feel free to leave comments below telling me what you guys would like to see. Thank you all for reading and have a great week!!